MP800 Vejebjælker (80cm)

A multi-purpose load bar that can be used under cattle platforms, sheep crates and wool presses. Tru-Test load bars are recognised for their rugged durability and performance in harsh environments. The internal cells are made from aircraft grade aluminium and are fully sealed to keep out moisture. Heavy duty TPR/PVC cables are a standard feature, which minimise the likelihood of cable damage. For cattle crushes /crates the Heavy Duty load bars or Extra Heavy Duty load cells should be used.

MP8003.000 kg80 cm16,5 kg805123
Varenr. 880 0000-240 Produktkategori


Vejebjælke Sortiment

MP6002.000 kg60 cm13,5 kg805122
MP800 (denne model)3.000 kg80 cm16,5 kg805123
HD 5T5.000 kg111,5 cm36 kg833749